Saturday, June 26, 2010

Little Foggy Noggin Brewing Serves 4th Most Beer @ Washington Brewer's Festival

In our first three months, since our Grand Opening, we continue to be surprised with the support local beer enthusiasts give us. We have been unable to keep beer in stock to allow pubs to carry our beer, so we expanded our capacity 4X. We attended our first beer festival, Washington's biggest event, The Washington Brewer's Festival and were shocked with the reception we received.

With 77 locations inside St Edwards State Park (Kenmore, WA) set-up to take your token for either a beer, wine or cider sample - Foggy Noggin Brewing (Bothell, WA) took in the 4th most tokens of all attendees. I don't have to tell you that Washington has lots of great breweries making great beers, but little Foggy Noggin (most of the people attending never had heard of us) getting 4th most?
What this says is Washington beer hop-heads, enthusiasts, geeks and freaks all have open minds and like to try new beers. Thank you to all who attended this event and ventured to our booth and sampled our beers.

We brought our two flagship beers - Bit O'Beaver (English Bitter), Christmas Duck (Porter) and Friday night only Kastrated Dawg (English Strong Ale). Since the Kastrated Dawg was only available Friday, there was some urgency about trying this beer. Additionally, we let our followers know that there were only three 1/6 BBL kegs of this and each was different than the other. We started with the regular version, then the oak aged version and finally the Lagavulin oak aged.

First beers served at the Festival Friday night? Foggy Noggin's Kastrated Dawg. The first person through the entry gate, ran straight to the Foggy Noggin booth and told us he wanted to get Kastrated.  We had no choice to to comply with his request. He enjoyed the experience to much he made sure everyone else at the festival got in line for a Kastration experience.

Get Your Noggin Foggin!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Delivery of Walk-In Cooler

We just took delivery of our new walk-in cooler.  Hope to have this up and runing within the week.

Once we keg our beer, not we have ample space to keep it cool until we either tap in the tasting room or deliver to your favorite beer outlet.

It may be only 4x6, but it looks great from this view.  You can gaze at this as you wait in line for a tasting pour or growler fill.  How many kegs will this fill?  I will let you know when we fill it up.