Monday, September 6, 2010

Special Project Annoucement - Olde Cruz

Saturday marked the arrival of wine barrel from Gordon Brothers Winery (thanks Tim).  We have been brewing on the side some of our Special Version of our English Strong Ale for this barrel.  60 Gallons were brewed, fermented and stored for weeks awaiting the barrels delivery.  This is a very special beer that only produces 1/3 BBL output on each batch.  Yes, this means we have 6 batches combined into this barrel for this unique, one-of-a-kind special brew.

Tim Henley (Gordon Brothers) told me this Hungarian Oak barrel has been used since 2004 for Cabernet barrel aging, but the last use was for a Merlot.  Looks like the wine has penetrated over 1/2 of the wood and offers a wonderful wine aroma.

Filling the barrel was performed September 5th.  Half of the barrel was filled from Glass Carboys, while the other half from Cornelius Kegs.  The result, a happy filled keg of wonderful beer and lots of wine residue (wine and wine yeast) left behind.
This beer is big enough to handle the wine and the oak barrel, as it brings a 9.5% ABV full bodied Strong Ale back-bone to the table.  Plans are to age this for a year to let the barrel and wine meld with the beer and create a unique finished product (called "Olde Cruz") proud to wear the Foggy Noggin brand name.  This will be a very limited production.  Very little of this will be kegged for limitied distribution and the rest be be bottled in a limited run of collectable bottles. 
Visit our tasting room to view this barrel on display and make sure you rub the barrel, as legend has it to bring good luck to those who rub it.

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