Thursday, December 8, 2011

Olde Cruz - Barrel Aged English Strong Ale

Early visitors to the Foggy Noggin tasting room remember our black lab Cruz, who would warmly great them every Saturday. He loved the tasting room and would never miss a day to participate in whatever was going on in their. 
He also loved brew day - he would smell the first batch of the day and know when the spent grains were ready to be put into buckets.  These buckets are picked up by a local pig farmer, but Cruz made sure he got his share first.
Cruz lived a long and wonderful life in the brewery and reached the age of 14 before his age caught up with him.  Arthritis and old age got the better of him and forced us to make the difficult choice to put him down.
Labor Day (2010) weekend, we received a wine barrel from Tim Henley (Gordon Brothers Winery). This barrel has been in use for the winery since 2004. We filled it with a special 6 batch brewing of our English Strong Ale. It was on display in our tasting room and planed to release this rare beer (Olde Cruz) late in 2011 in collectable bottles.
Old Cruz sat proudly on display in the Foggy Noggin tasting room for 1-year. Patrons would show their respect to Cruz by rubbing their hands on the wooden barrel.  Not sure if this is true, but we heard that you would receive good luck by rubbing the barrel.

The year gave us 4 seasons of cold and warmer temperatures and Olde Cruz was in the middle of everything. September 2011 marked the time to get Olde Cruz out of the barrel and bottled.
Label approval from the TTB (federal government) was next.  We started this approval process in August and never thought we would have to go through what we did.  4 submissions later, it was approved and ready to bottle.

Bottling was now ready after we finally got the label approval.  Assembling staff for this event over the Thanksgiving weekend was not difficult.
The result was 25 cases of what could be called "The Rarest Beer In The World." With only 25 cases produced this is going to be a beer that everyone will want, and only a few can get.
Lots of loving care was put into this beer to get to you.
And his is not easy work.
Thanks to all who helped us get this one-of-a-kind special beer ready to sell to you.
Olde Cruz will make it's debut for bottle sales - Saturday - December 10th @1pm at the Foggy Noggin tasting room.  $15/bottle, limit 6 per customer, cash only.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Guy Fawkes Day - November 5th

Remember Remember the Fifth of November...

Much has been written about Guy Fawkes, many various versions and often debated over several pints.  His legacy will never fade and cause for celebration annually on November 5th. Even a famous movie V for Vandetta was made to cash in on his infamous cult interest. Whatever is true and really happened may never be told, but below is how we at Foggy Noggin Brewing (Bothell, WA) like to celebrate this festivus event.

In 1605, Guy Fawkes led a group's plan to blow-up the British Parliment, as known as the GunPowder Plot.  The plot was discovered and halted before the destruction happened.  This famous date of discovery and the punishment of the leader (Guy Fawkes) was on November 5, 1605. 

Guy Fawkes was strapped to a wooden chair and had a bonfire erected to surround him.  The fire was a public display to warn future copycats of the penalty associated with these types of actions.

Each year, since this date, English people hace celebrated this holiday.  Children will make a "guy" and take him door-to-door in their wagons, collecting fireworks for the big day.  Much like the American Halloween tradition. Then the families get together and build big bonfires and throw in their fireworks and "guys".  As they "guys" are tossed into the fire, they yell "Burn, you bloody bastard!"

"Guys" today resemble somone in dis-trust with the British people, very common to be political figures. 

Foggy Noggin Brewing - 2010 Guy Fawkes Celebration

This year, Foggy Noggin Brewing will be clebrating this in conjunction with our tasting room - Saturday - Nov 5th (1-4pm).  Bring your (environmentally safe to burn) "guy" to our tasting room and toss into our burn pile, and receive a $1 pint of our newest seasonal release - Butch's Brew (English Nut Brown Ale).  Limit 1 per person.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Foggy Noggin Fresh Hop Diablo de Sol - Batch #1

The end of summer marks hop harvest season and fresh hop beers. One of our hoppier beers is Diablo del Sol (English Pale) and the perfect candidate to do a fresh hop version.

We planted 2 hop rhizomes (Centennial and Fuggle, Spring 2010).  Our first year beared no hops. Above is what our early hop shoots looked like in May 2011.

 The wet spring really got these hops ready for some aggressive growth once the weather warmed up a bit.
They quickly grew to the top of the time before July and started to flower. 
August is when they really started to develop the hop cones and really taking shape.

Harvest day at the end of August and boy do they look and smell great!
 Here is the addition of the fresh hop Fuggles, at the end of the boil.  This beer will be released Saturday - September 10th in the Foggy Noggin tasting room (1-4pm)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Washington Brewers Festival 2011

This is the granddaddy of all beer festivals. Washington Brewers Festival brings together more breweries from Washington State in one location than any other event. 3-days of fun (Fri, Sat, Sun) over Father's Day weekend.

You can save $5 by buying your Saturday or Sunday tickets in advance. Foggy Noggin Tasting Room is our local source for these tickets, while supply lasts.



$15 advance tickets/at the door. (Friday advance tickets available online only)

Friday admission includes a tasting cup and FOUR tasting tokens

Designated driver admission is $8 and available at the door only

21+ only

Saturday & Sunday

$20 advance tickets or $25 at the door

Admission includes a tasting cup and SIX tasting tokens

Advance tickets are available online now

Designated driver admission is $8 and available at the door only

All Ages. Those under 21 admitted free (must be accompanied by a parent)

Tickets are good for one day only and non-refundable.

Buy advance tickets here now.

Advance ticket sales end on Friday, June 10th.

Parking Passes

On-site parking fee for Saturday and Sunday is $15 per vehicle (free on-site parking on Friday). Only a certain number of parking passes are available for each day. Non-refundable. Parking passes are good for one day only (Sat or Sun). No in & out privilege. Advance purchase required. Additional parking spots will be available only after vehicles with pre-purchased parking passes leave and release their spots. Disabled parking is free and there is a reserved disabled parking area close to the admission booth. Proceeds from on-site parking to benefit Saint Edward State Park.

Buy parking passes

Parking pass sales end on June 10th or when sold out.

Weekend Passes

Want to spend the entire weekend at the Washington Brewers Fest? Weekend passes are available at $40 and includes one ticket each to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Weekend passes are available online for advance purchase only (not available at the ticket outlets or at the door). Weekend pass holders will be asked to wear a wristband throughout the weekend.

Buy weekend passes

Weekend pass sales end on Friday, June 10th.

Sign up for WABL now and receive extra bonuses!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Preview article in May issue of Seattle Business Magazine.  Pick up a copy soon at your favorite magazine outlet.

Nanobreweries starting to get some good press.  Mentions of former Nano's, now micro's Schooner Exact and Two Beers.  Discussion about Foggy Noggin, Epic and NW Peaks.  Good read about some good brewers.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Foggy Noggin Brewing's - Our First Year

Hard to believe it, but Foggy Noggin Brewing is getting ready to turn one-year old this weekend.  What started as a dream and took over 2-years to conquer the many obstacles of permits and licenses, we made it and open our doors to the public on March 20, 2010.  FogNoggers everywhere showed up in masses to see what this Foggy Noggin thing was all-about.  We had over 300 curious visitors our first day and ran out of beer.  This was just the beginning for the wild ride of our journey.

The video above is footage of our humble, but very proud, moment when we cut the ribbon and opened our tasting room to the public. 

Our next challenge was to brew enough beer to attend the Washington Brewers Festival, over Father's Day weekend. We brewed all we could and took our 2 flag-ship beers (Bit O'Beaver and Christmas Duck) along with our Friday only beer (Kastrated Dawg) to this event. Again, we were amazed at the interest and attention to Foggy Noggin. We were shocked to learn that we served the 4th most amount of beer during the weekend. WOW!

We added three additional fermenters and started getting tap accounts. Foggy Noggin has had our beer on tap at 20 locations to date, and still growing. Invites to attend Brewers Events started coming in and we attended terrific turn-outs at: Malt & Vine (Redmond), Beveridge Place Pub (West Seattle), The Beer Authority (Lake City), The Green Frog (Bellingham), Diamond Knot (Mukilteo), Balefire (Everett). More are planned in our 2nd year already.

Each seasonal beer we introduced was hugely successful. Our tasting room began to be open most Saturday's, because everyone told us "I Want My Fn Beer!" We had another huge turn-out for the Open House '11, even though it snowed all day and the road conditions were very dangerous.

To celebrate the start of our second year, we brewed up a special beer. An English Old Ale, that plans to be brewed every year to celebrate this accomplishment. Watch the video to see the hands-on approach and care given to every bottle. This beer was bottled and will be available in very limited amounts - Saturday - March 19th @ 1pm.

Thanks to all you FogNoggers everywhere for a generous and warm welcome to the Seattle beer scene. We pledge to continue to bring you the finest hand-crafted English Styled Ales you can get.

Cheers and the best is yet to come.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Open House '11

What could be better than visiting all the local breweries in the area on a Saturday?  Now that you and I agree there is nothing better than this, Washington Beer is holding Open House '11 on Saturday - February 26th from 12 noon to 4pm.  Open House '11 will keep you posted on which breweries are participating and what special events they each have in store.

Foggy Noggin Brewing is introducing the newest Foggy Noggin beer on this day.

Diablo del Sol – English Pale Ale

Sparky would be proud of this incredible interpretation of an English Pale Ale. This beer has a bold hoppy aroma that will warn you to apply sunscreen and put on your sunglasses. A huge amount of hops are added to the end of the boil to make this beer pop. Nice balance with a rich malty sweetness and floral aggressive hoppy pressence will have you thinking Spring is already here. ¡Salud!