Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Foggy Noggin Fresh Hop Diablo de Sol - Batch #1

The end of summer marks hop harvest season and fresh hop beers. One of our hoppier beers is Diablo del Sol (English Pale) and the perfect candidate to do a fresh hop version.

We planted 2 hop rhizomes (Centennial and Fuggle, Spring 2010).  Our first year beared no hops. Above is what our early hop shoots looked like in May 2011.

 The wet spring really got these hops ready for some aggressive growth once the weather warmed up a bit.
They quickly grew to the top of the time before July and started to flower. 
August is when they really started to develop the hop cones and really taking shape.

Harvest day at the end of August and boy do they look and smell great!
 Here is the addition of the fresh hop Fuggles, at the end of the boil.  This beer will be released Saturday - September 10th in the Foggy Noggin tasting room (1-4pm)

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