Saturday, November 3, 2012

Which Foggy Noggin Seasonal Release is Your Favorite Event?

Beer releases happen just about every day in the Northwest Region.  Some just happen and some happen with a little flash.  Foggy Noggin has 4 annual events that also have a beer release associated with them.  Some you may have attended, and others not yet.  Which one is your favorite?

Diablo del Sol (English Pale Ale) is released on this last Saturday in February event.  Great chance to get out a new brewery or 2 and enjoy some special release.

Participating brewers have some tasty treats in store for you—ranging from rare barrel tastings and new seasonal releases to savory food pairings and other unique surprises.
This is a unique / once-a-year opportunity to
-GRAB YOUR FRIENDS and make a day of it
to a new neighborhood or town you’ve never visited
-LOOK AROUND your local brew house
-SNEAK a PEEK at the cellar tanks
-MEET the BREWERS behind some of your favorite WA brews
-SAMPLE their fermented creations
-TAKE HOME some souvenirs
-TWEET your trip > #WAbeerOH

Anniversary Ale (English Old Ale) is released on the Saturday closest to March 20th - Foggy Noggin Brewing's Anniversary party.  This party is for FogNoggers and giving back to you with the release of Anniversary Ale. We do a special (limited) bottling runin 22 ounce bottles.  Since this a great beer to let age, we run out pretty quickly.  Since there is early FogNoggers getting in line to make sure they get their Fn beer, we arrange for a Food Truck to offer up some tasty treats.

Rufus (English IPA) is released the Saturday after the 4th of July.  Since this holiday marks the independence from England, it is very appropriate to release our English Styled IPA on this day. In honor of his loyal and dedicated service, Rufus is an aggressive English IPA. This beer will introduce itself to you with a wonderful dry-hop character that begs you to taste it. The rich malty flavors and spicy rye tones, are greeted with a wonderful symphony of hoppy balance. Earthy hop flavors linger long and and scream for another taste. Lets raise our glass and salute this warrior – “Rufus!”
Butch's Brew (English Nut Brown) is released on the Saturday closest to November 5th.  November 5 is celebrated in Britain to commemorate the failure of Guy Fawkes and other terrorist conspirators to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605. Public firework displays are organized with effigies of Fawkes burned on bonfires, and smaller parties take place in back gardens throughout the land. The 5th of November is also called 'Firework Night,' 'Bonfire Night,' or 'Guy Fawkes Day.' In the days leading up to it, children traditionally take their home-made effigies, or ‘Guys,’ out into the streets and ask passers-by for ‘a penny for the Guy,’ using the money to buy fireworks. At Foggy Noggin, we just like to burn stuff and drink great beer.

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