Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cease & Desist IPA Travels to West Seattle, Tacoma and Bellingham for the Seahawks second game of the season

In case you are not sure what Cease & Desist IPA is, read historical press release below.
This beer travels to West Seattle, Tacoma and Bellingham for the Seahawks second game of the season.

Cease & Desist IPA (formerly known as 12th Man Skittles IPA) was so popular last year we will be brewing this all season long.  Each game, we will have a limited # of 1/6BBL kegs on tap and selected by lottery to see which beer bar will be serving this beer.

We are releasing this beer into the market at 3 locations for game #2 (Beveridge Place Pub, The Red Hot, The Copper Hog) this Sunday - 9/14/2014 in time for kick-off of the Seahawks game #2 in San Diego.  We will be getting a limited amount to our tap accounts each week for gameday. We ask you to wait to tap this keg at kick-off each week.

Next game we will be selecting is Sunday 9/21 when the Seahawks host the Broncos @1:00PM


Malts: Maris Otter
Sugar: Skittles
Hops: Columbus (Bittering) Centennial (Finish)

ABV: 6.3%
IBU: 70


Foggy Noggin Brewing has come to agreement to Cease & Desist any unauthorized use of the MARK 12TH MAN, with Texas A&M University.  We are officially changing the name of the beer - 12th Man Skittles IPA - to be released this Saturday - February in our tasting room (noon) to salute the Seattle Seahawks. Please honor our request to not mention, talk, blog or post anything that associates the original name of the beer.

The beer is now called Foggy Noggin Brewing - Cease & Desist IPA

As a salute to the Seattle Seahawks - Foggy Noggin Brewing is doing in our usual (small batch) way.  It's only stupid if you don't Fn try it!

We brewed up a 1/6BBL batch of our newest beer - Cease & Desist IPA Tuesday (Jan 22nd) and will have it available in our tasting room Saturday Feb 1st, 2014 (noon-4pm), the day before the big one - the Super Bowl.  There are only fifty-five - 12 ounce servings of this very unique and limited beer will ensure that it will go fast and recommend coming at noon or you risk the chance of missing out.

Here is a look at the crowd that lined up to support the Seattle Seahawks and get first taste of this unique beer. Only 50 of the 200+ that lined up were able to grab a pint of Cease & Desist IPA.

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