Thursday, October 8, 2015

What's On Tap This Weekend - Saturday October 10th (noon-5pm)

Foggy Noggin Brewing's tasting room will be Open Saturday October 10th (Noon-5pm)

This week's featured Fn beer - Diablo del Sol 2015 Fresh Hop - 5.2% ABV - 51 IBU

This classic English Pale Ale has a wonderful British Malt character with Maris Otter and Crystal 120 and is matched with a citrus burst of freshness with Fresh Hops. We brewed up 3 different batches of Diablo del Sol Fresh Hop this season, all locally sourced from the Bothell, Washington area. Batch #1 is all Mt. Hood Fresh Hops. Batch #2 is all Cascade Fresh Hops. Batch #3 is a blend of Centennial and Mt. Hood - all fresh hops from the Fn Hop Farm.

This Saturday at Foggy Noggin Brewing we will be hosting our 2015 Fn Fresh Hop Festival and all 3 of these will be pouring (noon-5pm).

On Tap: 20 ounce Imperial Pints 
Bit O'Beaver (English Bitter) * $5/20 oz.
Christmas Duck (Porter) * $5/20 oz.  
Jimmie The Coyote (English Bitter) * $5/20 oz.
HopVine 20th Anniversary Pale (Pale Ale) * $5/20 oz.
Cream Ale * $5/20 oz.
Diablo del Sol (English Pale) * $5/20 oz.
Abby Milk Stout  ** $5/12 oz.
Cease & Desist Skittles IPA (English IPA) ** $5/12 oz.

Fresh Hop Pours: 
Diablo del Sol Fresh Hop 2015 #1 (English Pale) * $5/20 oz.
Diablo del Sol Fresh Hop 2015 #2 (English Pale) * $5/20 oz.
Diablo del Sol Fresh Hop 2015 #3 (English Pale) * $5/20 oz.   

*   growler fills $12 (beer) 

** growler fills $18 (beer)

Nitro Taps: 20 ounce Imperial Pints
Abby Milk Stout  $6/12 oz.
Christmas Duck (Porter) $6/20 oz.

All beer consumption must take place inside the tasting room (inside garage).

You can get tasters, pints and growler fills to take home and share with your friends. 22 ounce bottles are for sale $10/each - Wasky (Burton Ale), Big Chief (Imperial Irish Red) and House Ale (Barrel Fermented Ale).


Get Your Noggin Foggin!

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