Friday, November 25, 2016

What's Happening at Foggy Noggin This Weekend - Saturday - November 26th (12-5pm)

The Foggy Noggin Tasting Room will be open Saturday - November 19th (12-5pm)

This week's featured Fn beer - Butch's Brew (English Hazelnut Brown Ale) 4.5% ABV - 28 IBU

Celebrating the fall harvest, Brown Ales have been a long awaited standard in the UK.  Adding fresh roasted nuts to this rich beer, added an extra special character that only the finest breweries produced.  Foggy Noggin embraces this tradition with the celebration from the local Palouse Hills.  The traditional English Brown has locally grown Pacific NW Hazelnuts that have been freshly roasted to the mash.  The result, a rich malt forward beer - with a wonderful medley of sweet flavors that linger long in a dry pleasing finish.  Thanks Butch!

On Tap: 20 ounce Imperial Pints 
Bit O'Beaver (English Bitter) * $5/20 oz.
Christmas Duck (Porter) * $5/20 oz.   
For A Beer Or A Lifetime (Bothell Amber) ** $6/20 oz.
Matty's Mild (English Dark Mild) * $5/20 oz.
Cease & Desist Skittles IPA (English IPA) ** $7/20 oz.
Oski Wow-Wow (Scotch Ale) * $5/20 oz.
Butch's Brew (English Nut Brown) * $5/20 oz.  
Kastrated Dawg (English Strong Ale) * $5/20 oz.

*       growler fills $12 (beer) 
**     growler fills $18 (beer) 
***   growler fills $24 (beer) 
**** no growler fills

Nitro Taps: 20 ounce Imperial Pints

Butch's Brew (English Nut Brown) $6/20 oz.
Cream Ale  $6/20 oz.

All beer consumption must take place inside the tasting room (inside garage).

You can get tasters, pints and growler fills to take home and share with your friends. 22 ounce bottles are for sale $10/each - Wasky (Burton Ale), Big Chief (Imperial Irish Red) and House Ale (Barrel Fermented Ale). 22 once bottles of Cease & Desist Skittles IPA are for sale $8/each.


Get Your Noggin Foggin!

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